Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday it so happened that I was on my way to the office. What I bumped into on my way was something I had not imagined. I saw my school friend crossing the road. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had not met her for the last five years. She still looked the same as before. I shouted her name at the top of my voice. Didnt want to miss her. Was even more surprised when I came to know that she stayed just next to my society. Both of us were actually at a loss of words. There was so much to talk about but didnt know where to start from. Also both of us were getting late to reach office.

She and I have been friends for the last 15 years. In a moment of flash, the time that I had spent with her crossed my mind. She became my first friend when I joined the school. The first girl that I spoke to in the class. She even offered me to sit with her. The journey of friendship started that day. She and I have been real good friends since then. We were in the same section throughout our tenure in the school. We went to the same college, same tuitor, had the same subjects. Both of us completed our Masters together. Its only when I started working and moved out that we almost lost touch. We were actually a bunch of good friends who were always together and we still are.

It was such a pleasant surprise to meet her. Whole day I simply waited for the evening so that I could speak to her. Spoke to her for a long long time in the evening and revived the good old memories. Shall ensure that I meet her over the weekend and have a nice time.

Long Live our Friendship!!! :-)))

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