Friday, April 07, 2006


Have found a new interest developing :Photography. I always wonder sometimes how do people click such good photographs?? Why does my hand shakes while clicking? My photographs are very very normal ones: shaky, blurred, not clear, tilted, no good lights, no contrast but 'NO', it will not stop me from trying. May be one day I will also be able to click one good photograph. I dont want that my photographs should look like a professional one, but yes they should be appreciable.

I know it will take a long time to do so but I am ready for it. Atleast it will give me a feeling of satisfaction that I tried. Need to concentrate and focus. I know that the photographs posted till now stand nowhere near to all those brilliant photographs clicked by those brilliant photographers. Still I am starting with it.

Lets see how it turns out to be.

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Zona said...

well iam no expert in this ,
but few tips ,,
i saw ur snaps on that link ,some of it r realy cool .

i believe u have a digi ,
when u need more exposure or while using flash or zooom lightest shake can cause trouble so use stand if u have or else place it on the ground and take it .

take as many snspa as possible as u we cant say which one came off well ,

if ur realy serious then buy a 250 MB card that will b more than enough to store a lot ,,

my fvourite cams r manual SLR ,
happy clicking ,,