Thursday, April 27, 2006

Off the track!!!

This is one of those days when I am not feeling good. Everything around me seems to be going wrong and I am cribbing. Started off in the morning only. First the electricity went off. Damn!!! It is so hot and on top of it, there is no electricity. Somehow got up and pulled the lever for back up. After that the maid turned up late. She was rude and didnt work properly. Lost temper on her as well. Guess it was a bad day for her as well. She was taking out someone else' frustration. Mom also took out her frustration on me since she couldnt get her work done. Is it my fault that someone else doesnt turn up on time?

The last thing that could have gone wrong was at work. My colleague called me and started giving me a lecture in front of the whole team, not realising that we are seniors. If he had something to tell me, he should have spoken to me in person and not in front of the whole team. People can be so unprofessional and they claim to have 7+ years of experience. Guess these are basic manners which do not come with years of experience but how you are brought up. Told him about my concern later and I hope that he keeps this in mind.

All this has really put me off. More than half of the day has gone and I am just wondering what evening has in store for me. Just hope that everything goes well in today's meeting. Amen!!!

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