Monday, April 24, 2006

Men in Uniform

A smart officer in his olive greens is going on his bike. An officer in pure white NAVY uniform just crosses you on the street. An Airforce Pilot in his flying suit has just returned from his sortee and bumps into you. Will you turn your head to have a second look at him? I think most of the people will say 'YES'!! What is there so special about these UNIFORMED men that attracts us to them?? Is it just their uniform or attitude or personality or way of talking or just being in forces ?

Well I have had quite a few friends serving in forces. I must admit that they all have been different from each other. But one thing which is common in all of them is, they all feel that people outside dont realise their value and are not aware of what they are going through. Often heard them saying: Duniya mauj mein, hum fauj mein. They feel that civilians always think about the glorious life that these men have. They fail to understand the adversities that these men have to face, the kind of life they are leading miles away from their home in the coldest and the hottest part of the country/world. I dont think that is 100% correct.

More than half of the nation is grateful to these people who are not only securing the border but also securing us. I always feel that just because these officers are awake, we sleep peacefully. One of my friend always jokes about my brother. He says that my brother(a Naval officer) must be shouting 'jaagte raho' on the coast to keep away the intruders. :-)))

I can say just one thing about the men in uniform. They are distinguishable. They have a different kind of personality, aura, attitude, confidence, self-respect which makes them stand apart from the rest of the world. As a kid, I always gave a salute to every officer I crossed on the road. Their uniform always fascinated me. Infact I remember telling my Mother, had I been a boy I would have joined NDA and then Air Force. Always wanted to fly those absolutely magnificient air-crafts. As I grew up, I thought these people are the most difficult ones and they are not at all co-operative. How very wrong I was? They are tough in their own ways and only when required. They can also be as soft, co-operative and nice as others can be.

I have a very very close friend who is serving in Army and I can proudly say that he is my best friend. I consider myself privileged that we are such close friends.

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Zona said...

the more u know about service the more ull appreciate the people in it ,,,