Wednesday, April 12, 2006


What is that one thing you aim for in life?
How many of you do actually know what you want out of life or what you want to do?
Do you have the capability to take decisions on your own, stick to them and in the end be happy with them?
You all keep doing some work or the other but dont know whether is it for some aim or you are doing it just for the sake of it.
Don't you get confused sometimes as to where are you heading to?
Is this the way you want to live?
Is this the aim of your life?
Have you ever pondered whether your life is exactly what you had thought of to be or what you had wanted it to be?
Do you ever succeed in getting what you had aimed for?
If not, then do you ever think why you had failed?
What is the next step towards achieving what you had aimed for?

The other day I was watching this movie: Lakshya(Aim) for the nth time. Everytime I watch it, these questions come to my mind and I try to find answers!!!


mar00ned said...

Do we really need to have fixed aims in life? Whats wrong with living/accepting life as it comes ?
I guess I will fail in all my interviews when they ask me, where I want to be 5 years down the line.

Soulmate said...

Even I also dont know whether we should have fixed aims or not. I myself dont know where I want to be 5 years from now. But guess at some point of time in life, we do feel what is that one aim we are living for?