Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Food for Thought!!!

Today we all received a mail from our HR which was a big surprise to all the associates. Food thrown in garbage yesterday was approx. 120 Kgs... Whoops!!!!This could have fed atleast 180 people. During lunch my friend as usual left food in her plate. When we reminded her of the email, she said that how does it make any difference because of her. She said that she doesnt have the patience to first take little quantity and if required, take more. How very sad it is.

In a country like India, where still 1/3 population is below poverty line who dont get enough meals to fill their hunger, food is wasted and thrown in garbage. We all complain when we walk into a hotel or a restaurant and the response we get is : 'Sorry, the food is over!'. At that time one realises the value of food, the value of that one roti, 3 spoons of rice, 2 spoons of vegetables and half a bowl of daal. The contribution has to come from all of us to make sure that no one sleeps hungry. Everyone has the right to eat meals. Its only because people dont realise the worth of that one roti, the other has to suffer.

I thank my parents for teaching me the value of food and never to leave anything in the plate.


mar00ned said...

Very interesting post.
Educated and working in supposedly high tech areas, we should be really ashamed of ourselves.

Soulmate said...

I totally agree with you. Feel really bad when somebody leaves food in his/her plate not realising that someone somewhere is begging for it!!!

Zona said...

intresting topic and nice writing .

the snp u had put , i had got that sometime ago with a mail attached to it ,
i was kind of emotional after going through it , and i feel the same now when u related those things in here ..