Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Double Faced

People can be such double faced that I really think when do they show their actual face to the world. Its so frustrating to see people behaving in such a way. They just use these methods to pull down others without realising what effect it might have on others. Today only when I was speaking to a friend of mine after such a long time, came to know that he is getting married. This was a great news. Then he says that I know his fiance. Was a little surprised on this. I asked the name and found out that I dont know her even though we were in the same office previously. He also said that she is the same girl from whom I took his id. Was taken back to hear this. I dont even know her and she is claiming that I took his id from her. Why did she say that, I have no idea. My friend was pressing hard upon her statement. It is quite evident that he will believe her since she is his fiance. Have no idea that why did she lie. After seeing her photograph also, I could not re-collect that I have seen her ever.

Thought that I should better leave this and not think about it much.
Guess this is the right thing to do at this time.

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