Monday, April 10, 2006

Do you love yourself ??

When was the last time you did something to please yourself and not someone else?
When was the last time you ate something what you wanted and not what your boyfriend or spouse or kid or your parents wanted?
When was the last time you pampered yourself at a spa?
When was the last time you actually shopped for yourself?
When was the last time when you walked up to your manager's desk and told him that you dont like the work that you are doing?

Many people will actually have no answer. We end up doing things for others and forget ourselves in the course of it. We give priorities to others interests and forget about our own interests. At the end of the day, we complain about not being happy. You can be happy only if you learn to love yourself and do what pleases you. If you like to do something, say 'YES'. If you dont like to do something, say 'NO'. Eat what you want (in proportionate amount). Party on the weekend, if you want to. Remember the good things that people say about you. Apart from doing things to please others, do things to please yourself. Unless you love yourself, nobody else will.

If there is something wrong in you, accept it. Instead of complaining about it, try to rectify it. Find out the good things about yourself and enhance them. I have a friend who loves to eat and it shows. All the time she is complaining about her being over-weight; how desperate she is to get back into shape. But what actually is she doing to achieve this? If she really loves herself, she needs to cut -down on the wrong food and start doing what will help her to get back into shape.

So love yourself and see the difference it makes. My first step is to eat Thai Food this weekend!!! :-)

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Zona said...

i had IDLI yesterday , it was great cos iam suffering from stomach ache for the last two days and i cant have any oily stuff so i went to a place near railway station its far but i like it there and so just went there and had idli ,

that place was made for the passengers and due to the cost only couples go in there
there were few couples there and i was the odd one in there with occasioanl staring asking themselves what i was doing all alone ,