Thursday, April 27, 2006

Off the track!!!

This is one of those days when I am not feeling good. Everything around me seems to be going wrong and I am cribbing. Started off in the morning only. First the electricity went off. Damn!!! It is so hot and on top of it, there is no electricity. Somehow got up and pulled the lever for back up. After that the maid turned up late. She was rude and didnt work properly. Lost temper on her as well. Guess it was a bad day for her as well. She was taking out someone else' frustration. Mom also took out her frustration on me since she couldnt get her work done. Is it my fault that someone else doesnt turn up on time?

The last thing that could have gone wrong was at work. My colleague called me and started giving me a lecture in front of the whole team, not realising that we are seniors. If he had something to tell me, he should have spoken to me in person and not in front of the whole team. People can be so unprofessional and they claim to have 7+ years of experience. Guess these are basic manners which do not come with years of experience but how you are brought up. Told him about my concern later and I hope that he keeps this in mind.

All this has really put me off. More than half of the day has gone and I am just wondering what evening has in store for me. Just hope that everything goes well in today's meeting. Amen!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Food for Thought!!!

Today we all received a mail from our HR which was a big surprise to all the associates. Food thrown in garbage yesterday was approx. 120 Kgs... Whoops!!!!This could have fed atleast 180 people. During lunch my friend as usual left food in her plate. When we reminded her of the email, she said that how does it make any difference because of her. She said that she doesnt have the patience to first take little quantity and if required, take more. How very sad it is.

In a country like India, where still 1/3 population is below poverty line who dont get enough meals to fill their hunger, food is wasted and thrown in garbage. We all complain when we walk into a hotel or a restaurant and the response we get is : 'Sorry, the food is over!'. At that time one realises the value of food, the value of that one roti, 3 spoons of rice, 2 spoons of vegetables and half a bowl of daal. The contribution has to come from all of us to make sure that no one sleeps hungry. Everyone has the right to eat meals. Its only because people dont realise the worth of that one roti, the other has to suffer.

I thank my parents for teaching me the value of food and never to leave anything in the plate.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Men in Uniform

A smart officer in his olive greens is going on his bike. An officer in pure white NAVY uniform just crosses you on the street. An Airforce Pilot in his flying suit has just returned from his sortee and bumps into you. Will you turn your head to have a second look at him? I think most of the people will say 'YES'!! What is there so special about these UNIFORMED men that attracts us to them?? Is it just their uniform or attitude or personality or way of talking or just being in forces ?

Well I have had quite a few friends serving in forces. I must admit that they all have been different from each other. But one thing which is common in all of them is, they all feel that people outside dont realise their value and are not aware of what they are going through. Often heard them saying: Duniya mauj mein, hum fauj mein. They feel that civilians always think about the glorious life that these men have. They fail to understand the adversities that these men have to face, the kind of life they are leading miles away from their home in the coldest and the hottest part of the country/world. I dont think that is 100% correct.

More than half of the nation is grateful to these people who are not only securing the border but also securing us. I always feel that just because these officers are awake, we sleep peacefully. One of my friend always jokes about my brother. He says that my brother(a Naval officer) must be shouting 'jaagte raho' on the coast to keep away the intruders. :-)))

I can say just one thing about the men in uniform. They are distinguishable. They have a different kind of personality, aura, attitude, confidence, self-respect which makes them stand apart from the rest of the world. As a kid, I always gave a salute to every officer I crossed on the road. Their uniform always fascinated me. Infact I remember telling my Mother, had I been a boy I would have joined NDA and then Air Force. Always wanted to fly those absolutely magnificient air-crafts. As I grew up, I thought these people are the most difficult ones and they are not at all co-operative. How very wrong I was? They are tough in their own ways and only when required. They can also be as soft, co-operative and nice as others can be.

I have a very very close friend who is serving in Army and I can proudly say that he is my best friend. I consider myself privileged that we are such close friends.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday it so happened that I was on my way to the office. What I bumped into on my way was something I had not imagined. I saw my school friend crossing the road. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had not met her for the last five years. She still looked the same as before. I shouted her name at the top of my voice. Didnt want to miss her. Was even more surprised when I came to know that she stayed just next to my society. Both of us were actually at a loss of words. There was so much to talk about but didnt know where to start from. Also both of us were getting late to reach office.

She and I have been friends for the last 15 years. In a moment of flash, the time that I had spent with her crossed my mind. She became my first friend when I joined the school. The first girl that I spoke to in the class. She even offered me to sit with her. The journey of friendship started that day. She and I have been real good friends since then. We were in the same section throughout our tenure in the school. We went to the same college, same tuitor, had the same subjects. Both of us completed our Masters together. Its only when I started working and moved out that we almost lost touch. We were actually a bunch of good friends who were always together and we still are.

It was such a pleasant surprise to meet her. Whole day I simply waited for the evening so that I could speak to her. Spoke to her for a long long time in the evening and revived the good old memories. Shall ensure that I meet her over the weekend and have a nice time.

Long Live our Friendship!!! :-)))

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Disclosure of Feelings

How do you communicate to the person that you love him, like him, want to spend your life with him, he is the one you have been looking for, he is the one who gives you the comfort when you need it, he is the one who pulls you up when you are feeling low, he is the one with whom you can share everything, he is the one you can talk to about each and every thing you can think of, you dont have to think twice before calling him ? Apart from all this you are also sure that the other person also feels the same about you but is either hesitant or reluctant to speak up.

Well, what I feel is that there is no harm in telling the person. The only worst thing that can happen is that the person will refuse. I dont think that either side will lose anything. Just one thing comes to my mind. What will happen to the existing relationship of friendship, understanding? Will it be the same or different afterwards? Guess it again depends on how they take it. Sometimes life brings us to such situations which makes it difficult to decide. If we express, we might be considered as very outgoing, fast, way ahead. If we dont, then we might lose that special someone forever.

My personal opnion would be to go ahead and express. Atleast I will not regret later for not disclosing my feelings when life gave me a chance....

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A woman should...

be a feminist during her college days,
be career minded and career oriented,
play the game of hide and seek with her suitor,
dare to stay happily unmarried all her life,
love being a woman,buy flowers for herself,
feel the wind on her face,
go camping, trekking,
be shy, be bold,
trust men occcasionally,
give that second chance to everyone,be a romantic,
get emotionally hyped over nothing and cool down suddenly,
go on a diet, yet eat chocolates and ice-creams,
get high 'n stay high on life,
love her man and her reflection,learn to love herself,
kiss herself good night in the mirror,
get wild, tame her tears,
break rules- lead the dances,
drive her man's car,
run his bank account,
manage his business,
wear his clothes
yet know that he's a man and she's the woman,
get flattered,
wear latest fashion and wear fine diamonds
for no special reason,
lay down principles in her life,
go out for window shopping all alone,
know the way to her man's heart,
ever forget the little girl within.

I believe in all of the above and try to incorporate most of them in my life.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


What is that one thing you aim for in life?
How many of you do actually know what you want out of life or what you want to do?
Do you have the capability to take decisions on your own, stick to them and in the end be happy with them?
You all keep doing some work or the other but dont know whether is it for some aim or you are doing it just for the sake of it.
Don't you get confused sometimes as to where are you heading to?
Is this the way you want to live?
Is this the aim of your life?
Have you ever pondered whether your life is exactly what you had thought of to be or what you had wanted it to be?
Do you ever succeed in getting what you had aimed for?
If not, then do you ever think why you had failed?
What is the next step towards achieving what you had aimed for?

The other day I was watching this movie: Lakshya(Aim) for the nth time. Everytime I watch it, these questions come to my mind and I try to find answers!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Do you love yourself ??

When was the last time you did something to please yourself and not someone else?
When was the last time you ate something what you wanted and not what your boyfriend or spouse or kid or your parents wanted?
When was the last time you pampered yourself at a spa?
When was the last time you actually shopped for yourself?
When was the last time when you walked up to your manager's desk and told him that you dont like the work that you are doing?

Many people will actually have no answer. We end up doing things for others and forget ourselves in the course of it. We give priorities to others interests and forget about our own interests. At the end of the day, we complain about not being happy. You can be happy only if you learn to love yourself and do what pleases you. If you like to do something, say 'YES'. If you dont like to do something, say 'NO'. Eat what you want (in proportionate amount). Party on the weekend, if you want to. Remember the good things that people say about you. Apart from doing things to please others, do things to please yourself. Unless you love yourself, nobody else will.

If there is something wrong in you, accept it. Instead of complaining about it, try to rectify it. Find out the good things about yourself and enhance them. I have a friend who loves to eat and it shows. All the time she is complaining about her being over-weight; how desperate she is to get back into shape. But what actually is she doing to achieve this? If she really loves herself, she needs to cut -down on the wrong food and start doing what will help her to get back into shape.

So love yourself and see the difference it makes. My first step is to eat Thai Food this weekend!!! :-)

Friday, April 07, 2006


Have found a new interest developing :Photography. I always wonder sometimes how do people click such good photographs?? Why does my hand shakes while clicking? My photographs are very very normal ones: shaky, blurred, not clear, tilted, no good lights, no contrast but 'NO', it will not stop me from trying. May be one day I will also be able to click one good photograph. I dont want that my photographs should look like a professional one, but yes they should be appreciable.

I know it will take a long time to do so but I am ready for it. Atleast it will give me a feeling of satisfaction that I tried. Need to concentrate and focus. I know that the photographs posted till now stand nowhere near to all those brilliant photographs clicked by those brilliant photographers. Still I am starting with it.

Lets see how it turns out to be.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Meeting a Stranger

How do we decide whether we should meet a person whom we have never seen before, about whom we dont know much, who is a total stranger, nobody knows about this person? Am really confused as to what should be done. I have an internet friend who has become quite a good friend. Now we are in the same city and he says that we two should meet. Whatever I know of the person is that he is a nice person. He even tried to help me when I was looking for a change in job. Still I am quite hesitant to meet. May be because of my past experiences. People change their views and sometimes they stop talking as well. I agree that people who do this are not worthy enough to be called as friends. Looks should not be a criteria to make anyone a friend. But then sometimes it is better to be friends without meeting, seeing, talking to each other. Atleast we have the feeling of having someone somewhere as 'MY' friend.

Am still wondering whether I should meet or not!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Double Faced

People can be such double faced that I really think when do they show their actual face to the world. Its so frustrating to see people behaving in such a way. They just use these methods to pull down others without realising what effect it might have on others. Today only when I was speaking to a friend of mine after such a long time, came to know that he is getting married. This was a great news. Then he says that I know his fiance. Was a little surprised on this. I asked the name and found out that I dont know her even though we were in the same office previously. He also said that she is the same girl from whom I took his id. Was taken back to hear this. I dont even know her and she is claiming that I took his id from her. Why did she say that, I have no idea. My friend was pressing hard upon her statement. It is quite evident that he will believe her since she is his fiance. Have no idea that why did she lie. After seeing her photograph also, I could not re-collect that I have seen her ever.

Thought that I should better leave this and not think about it much.
Guess this is the right thing to do at this time.