Monday, March 27, 2006

After a long time!!!

After a long time I am visiting this site. Never knew that being ill can be so frustrating at times. Was down with Chicken Pox. Had been out of office for 3 weeks. Have not even earned those many leaves in this job than I have taken. The illness has left scars on my body as well as mind. May be scars on my body will fade with time but on my mind!! Perhaps it will take a long long time to fade or it will never. The reaction of people when they saw me has left me wondering. Is it that being borne as not so good looking is a taboo in this world ?? What has happened to me can happen with everyone. What one needs at that time is love, affection, support and not those touch-me-not looks. Even I am also aware that its infectious and I will never do anything that might harm them. Now even after I am fine with just scars left, people are looking at me in a suspicious way. May be they are still scared to come near me or talk to me. I dont blame them, for it is human nature. But at the same time, one has to understand that this is something not in one's own hands. If you get it, you have to suffer it.

Guess this is how world is and I have to accept it.


Morpheus said...

I would take great pleasure in scartching myself and attempting to hug the most paranoid person in sight. Childish as that might may sound it sometimes is the only way to make people realise that just being out with CP is bad enough without them treating you like a chick with bird flu!

Soulmate said...

I would have also scratched myself. But then I was told that it leaves scars which will never go. Till now I am struggling with those scars which will(Ihope so) disappear with the passage time. I look my worst at this time. Along with all those black spots, have suddenly got this acne and I am dealing with two problems, yet trying to smile.

Zona said...

i laughed a lot reading Morpheus comment, i agree with him too ,