Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why is it so?

Why does life have to take a somersault suddenly when we are under the impression that things will go on fine? Everytime I think that things will be fine from now onwards, it goes wrong.
I just dont feel like putting my 100% into it if this is going to be the outcome of it. Its so frustrating. Really dont have any idea as to what should I do?? Did I make a mistake by changing the job. This was something that I did not for my own sake but for everyone. Moving from a city where we had become quite comfortable to a completely new city was decided since it will make us more close to the relatives and family would be happy. But I guess its making more trouble. In the previous city, there was this hue and cry about being away from everyone and now this problem of not knowing the city and other problems. On top of it, the job itself is giving a problem which I had not expected. Why can't people be more clear as to what they want from us rather than just setting the expectations with themselves and not being vocal about it. I guess I am losing it and its scaring me to death.....

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