Monday, February 27, 2006

Weekend Bliss

Weekend was a good one. Akshardhaam temple is one beautiful place that one must visit. Can't believe the carving that was done. There is so much of talent in our villages. Nobody knows the names of those 7000 workers who worked day and night to make this dream come alive.
Amazing creation. Just couldn't believe that it was all hand crafted. Whole day was just gaping at the carvings. Evening was peaceful one and all the tiredness went off with that musical fountain show. Human minds are so inventive.

Signed the lease on sunday. I hope this house turns out to be a better place for all of us. Just wish that atleast Ma is happy. Inital hiccupps will be there. Just hope they pass of with time..

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why is it so?

Why does life have to take a somersault suddenly when we are under the impression that things will go on fine? Everytime I think that things will be fine from now onwards, it goes wrong.
I just dont feel like putting my 100% into it if this is going to be the outcome of it. Its so frustrating. Really dont have any idea as to what should I do?? Did I make a mistake by changing the job. This was something that I did not for my own sake but for everyone. Moving from a city where we had become quite comfortable to a completely new city was decided since it will make us more close to the relatives and family would be happy. But I guess its making more trouble. In the previous city, there was this hue and cry about being away from everyone and now this problem of not knowing the city and other problems. On top of it, the job itself is giving a problem which I had not expected. Why can't people be more clear as to what they want from us rather than just setting the expectations with themselves and not being vocal about it. I guess I am losing it and its scaring me to death.....

Friday, February 17, 2006

End of a Relationship. Why?

Does a relationship ever end? Do we ever forget the person who at one point means the most to us? Is the other person ever able to forget us? Are we able to forgive? Can we keep that person out of our mind forever?

Dont know whether this actually happens or not. A relationship has ended and dont think that there is any regret. Why is it so? Is it because that I didnt want it? Is it because that I am not confident about it? Why is it that the other person is still hopeful and still wants to continue despite all the shortcomings? Shall I adjust or compromise? I am completely aware of the fact that the next person whom I will meet will not be the same person. But how can I be so sure that he will better or he will be worse? Even while the relationship was at the end, he was hopeful and I was not. I was feeling bad but I could see the pain he was going through. Why am I not feeling that pain?

Still looking for the answer.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Got it!!

Feeling a bit relieved since I have found a house of my choice.That was one big task which got over. Just hope that it turns out to be good one.Its got everything that I can wish for. I am sure that even Ma will be happy living there.Now she will not have to go to far off places and stay alone. There is a big garden and its quite a safe society with lots of people around. Market is also quite nearby so I guess it should be ok for her as well.. Am quite excited about this place since its close to the city and one of my friend lives just next door.. Can go to meet her and also I will have some space of my own.This is something that I had been wanting since a long time. Just waiting to shift there and keeping my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day......

What significance does this day has??? Do people really need this kind of a day to express their feelings? Tomorrow, if I develop feelings for a boy, I don't think that it would be worth to wait till 14 Feb to let him know. I should tell him before that. But the day has its own meaning.
Its so good to see people who love each other and have forgotten to express their feelings since a long time, come together and express it.

Well, am also still searching for someone who will make me feel special and I will also make him feel special !!!

Monday, February 13, 2006


Why cant we decide in life?
Why is it so difficult to decide?
I know life puts us through trials. I have two choices knowing their pros and cons but still not able to decide which is a better choice. This is quite frustrating.
It becomes all the more difficult specially when the family is also involved.

Want to shift to a better place and a better house but now that I have found something of our liking, Ma is not ready for it. Excuse: Increasing Expenses. But then this will be for one time. Agreed that the rent will be a little higher than the present but I think it would be worth it considering the amenities this new place has. Lets see what happens!

Friday, February 10, 2006


This was something that I wanted to do since a long time. Finally managed to!!!
Makes me feel so happy..... :)